Welcome to One Heart Temple Glasgow

My name is Moana and I would like to invite you for my unique Tantric Body Fusion Session.

As a Temple Goddess, I’m here to show unconditional love to mature and awaken Souls.

My role is to empower, awaken and initiate you and others on the path of Love.

All my sessions are free from a patriarchal belief system, so they are loving, intimate and nourishing.

For the last decade I have been trying to warn everyone of what was going to happen and most of you laughed in my face. Yet today here we are!

The patriarchal belief system is blocking the flow of all life today and we all can feel it. Tantra is not for everyone, it’s only for true Earth warriors.

Are you a true warrior looking for the real truth?

If so then book your appointment now and receive the touch and knowledge that stimulates and awakens your mind, body and spirit.

We are located only a 10 min drive away from Glasgow Airport in beautiful, very peaceful, countryside surroundings.

Please fill out the intake form and I’ll be in touch with you in the next 24hrs

With Love,


The Earth Warrior

The one who cares