To make an appointment please send a booking request to

After the booking request you will receive a questionnaire

asking why you have gotten in touch, what is your mantra of Tantra

and when are you looking for the appointment.

Phone consultations are also available

to verify the authenticity on both sides.

There are a large number of fakers in the spiritual world

and this has been very visible over the past few years.

For a full Tantric Transformation

mental disconnection from the Matrix is a must!

A deposit of £100 is necessary

for all bookings to exclude time wasters!

Please enquire respectfully and politely.

Disrespectful or illiterate emails will be ignored.

I provide excellent conditions,

discretion, privacy,

a stress free environment

and security for mature and awaken people only.

You need to be at least 18 years old.

I may ask for your ID.

You will require the ability to speak fluent English.

I look forward to meeting to you


An Earth Warrior

One Who Cares