Tantric Massage

Our modern environment is forcing us to suppress our emotions in order to conform to political correctness, modern ideology as well as cultural, religious and legal protocols. This does not allow us to fully and freely process our emotions as and when they arise. Instead we suppress them and store them in every organ in our body to be dealt with at a later date.

Touch is as essential as food and water when it comes to our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. When delivered and received with conscious, authentic intention, touch can be a powerful tool.

The principal goal of each session is for you to attain spiritual enlightenment. Each session will bring more understanding of your own desires and how they connect to the six psychic centres known as Chakras.

Through specific and repetitive patterns of conscious touch I will guide your energy flows to help you access profound states of bliss and expanded consciousness.

I bring mindfulness, feminine flow and a deep, healing touch to create a blissful awakening in your body but also to stimulate your senses and calm the busy mind.

During sessions we explore the fullness of human connection and the sensuality of life to bring you a transformative, body-opening, ecstatic yet wonderfully grounded experience. The result is peace and bliss.

This process of Tantric purification creates an electrochemical balance in your body. During the session we are slowly “reprogramming” your brain stream. You will experience an energetic sensation that feels like electricity in the whole body and internal lightning. Unexpected shaking throughout your whole body is normal and usually out of your control. The flashes of light in your mind, a rush of sacred energy moving along your spine, muscle twitches, loss of all sensation, spontaneous laughing or crying and out of body experiences are just some of the physical signs you will experience during Kundalini Awakening.

This beautiful state of awareness may last for a few hours or even days.

I work with both men and women.

With Love,


The Earth Warrior

The One Who Cares