What is Tantra

The origins of Tantra are probably as old as the human race.

However it was first recorded in the scriptures of Lord Shiva, a Tantric Master who lived 5000-7000 years ago in India.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word which means to weave, expand and liberate.

My teachers translated it simply as a path of spiritual transformation. A deep and soulful dance between two souls on a conscious level with sacred energy.

Of course everyone will have a different understanding of what Tantra is however, after years of practice, I can assure you that all these streams flow into the one river.

Answer yourself this question:

‘How much love, joy, honesty, peace, kindness, empathy and truth is in your life?’

Since so many people have very little idea of exactly how to interpret Tantra, they abuse this beautiful philosophy. Quite often they have been abused themselves in the past. This is a natural reaction considering the fact that we are just emerging from centuries of mental, physical and sexual repression.

Tantra is a holistic approach to the study of the universal, from the point of view of the individual. It draws on many sciences such as: astronomy, astrology, physics, art, bioenergetics, alchemistry, psychology, Reiki and Ayurveda to provide a practical means of realising the highest ideals in life. It is an awesome tool for self-realisation and the attainment of mystical powers. The study of the macrocosm through the study of the microcosm. Your true self.

Tantra studies the Tree of Life itself instead of limiting itself to any single branch of one tree.

In Traditional Tantra the woman is represented as Water, Shakti, the Universal Mother and the man is represented as Fire, Shiva, Universal Father. In the Tantric tradition the woman is the leader and the man surrenders.

Shakti connects with her Divine Feminine, the awakened part of her higher self and through pressure points, yogic breath work, love and tantric touch, she is able to physically and emotionally energise men.

A Goddess leads in love, harmony, peace and sexual excitement. She fuels the man with her sensuality, gentleness and nurturing spirit.

When people have experienced the benefits of Traditional Tantra as a life approach, suddenly their life will become more balanced.

Each Soul carries a unique programme – so the art of finding a path in life is to discover what gives you wings, to fly closer to your own soul calling. We need to find the best way of ”deprogramming” or ”reprogramming” our human computer.

The way we feel, think, act and achieve as an adult, is a by-product of our childhood trauma and a daily dose of our emotional and physical toxins.

That is our primal programming, influenced by heredity and environment.

Tantra teaches us to identify the various factors that influence our thoughts and feelings and to transcend the obstacles to our revolution arising from ignorance, intolerance, attachment to our animal nature, and selfishness.

By refining our thoughts and feelings by means of Tantric practices, we learn to create peace, harmony, understanding and order within ourselves which is much needed around the world right now.