There are some testimonials from my customers

“Moana is unique. A deeply intuitive, sensitive, conscious woman who is kind and compassionate also. She  assisted and helped me through a big change in my life. I trust her. She is someone I will go to again for her energy and input into my healing.“

“A glorious experience which is deeply spiritual. During the session you are taken into another dimension and the positive benefits enhance your life for days afterwards“.

“ I first met Moana few years ago, I vividly remember that first sighting she is strikingly beautiful lady but little did I know then just how deep that beauty goes or what energy she is capable of nurturing and channelling through your body. Moana is pleasant and easy going in nature with passion for her art and little regard for outer beauty. She is highly skilled in Tantra. In her sessions Moana is able to unlock energies previously dormant while encouraging your development in mind, body and sensual awareness. I have travelled the world and met many who make claim to such skills very few measure up. In my view Moana is uniquely skilled, a true Tantric Goddess.“

“I have been getting massages from Moana for about 6 years now. Moana has a really calming influence and knows how to relax and correct your aches and pains. I’m a sufferer of fibromyalgia and she’s helped me a lot in unlocking my body and I always leave feeling positive.“

“An amazing sanctuary from a busy day. Always different. Always come away relaxed and rejuvenated. Truly relaxing do those help“

“Tantric massage is a sublime experience when performed correctly but takes more than just a trained practitioner, Thankfully Moana ticks all these boxes and more besides. She is well trained, highly skilled and professional throughout as well as being happy to discuss your needs and give advice before and after each session. A warm welcome always awaits you as Moana invites you into her Tantric world. Fresh towels and warm shower begins your journey and prepares your body. During the massage Moana uses warm oil, mixes between fast and slow strokes, as well as hard and soft pressure, encapsulating the whole body, mind and soul too. She will guide you to ensure you get maximum benefit, and varies and develops each session. My only regret is I can’t attend more regularly. If you are open to let yourself go and experience a new high of sensations then enter respectably into Moana Tantric Heaven.“

“Moana creates a non-judgemental, safe environment for you to fully relax. She put 100% into every appointment and makes effort to ensure you leave feeling absolutely amazing inside and out.“

“Moana, thank you so much for yet another beautiful Tantric Session. There are other less expensive offerings of so called ‘Tantra’ in Glasgow but none of them come any where near your understanding of the mind and body. Thank you for opening my heart.“

“The effects of my sessions have been utterly incredible. I did not know what to expect when I came for my first Tantric Session and I was so grateful for the positive, beautiful and wonderful experience I received. Thanks to your guidance, kindness and healing touch. Thank you – you were incredibly professional and are a lovely lady with a beautiful soul.“

“I have always struggled to explain the effect each session has on me, I can only say it makes a tremendous difference to my general physical & mental health, helping me through all the trials of life’s journey. Can’t imagine doing without it. Moana is a stunningly beautiful, experienced practitioner who puts you at your ease. The massage is always carried out in a lovely ideal setting, warm, spotlessly clean, with candles & relaxing music creating a totally relaxing atmosphere. Moana has a great personality, exudes tremendous positive energy and manages to take you on a new journey with each session. She is just an excellent example of a warm hearted intelligent fabulous human being. This is not a typical massage, it is a beautiful physical, sensual and emotional journey and while I have never considered myself a religious person I would describe it as a magical, spiritual experience.I used to do a lot of running & felt the benefits physically & mentally. We now know that this was due to the release of endorphins throughout the body creating a feeling of well being. Moana massage leaves you with that same feeling of well-being & contentment.“

“I haven’t felt so comfortable and relaxed for a very long time. My body feels so good. Thanks again for a wonderful experience, I look forward to the next time.”

“The most heavenly and beautiful experience I have ever had. You are so gifted and talented at what you do, and such a kind and caring person. You sent me to another planet and beyond, and I am still coming down to earth from such a high.”

“I was stressed and in need of some time on my own. A wonderful massage by a very talented masseuse. She is indeed beautiful within and without.“

“When I plucked up the courage to try Tantra I spoke with Moana and she made me feel at ease as soon as I chatted to her over the phone. At my first session, I really didn’t know what to expect. Tantra has opened up my eyes to a different way of thinking and dealing with stressful and emotionally charged situations.  I feel so much more in touch with my feelings and body, this has had an amazingly positive effect on all aspects of my life.  Tantra with Moana has and continues to surpass all my expectations. Every session is different and I come away feeling like I have taken another step on my learning journey.  Moana is kind, caring and very naturally keeps things relaxed. I feel that each session is tailored specifically to how I am feeling, she is so in tune with you and this creates trust.  She with her persona creates a safe and non-judgemental environment, which allows you to relax and express. Moana thank you for sharing your Light with me, your presence is a blessing.“

“I just met Moana recently but when I got back after our first session, I popped into the supermarket and when I came out, I realised I was smiling. A really nice, deep from inside smile. Something I’m not used to. Thank you and see you again soon

“Taking the step to begin sessions with Moana has been one of the most important and best decisions of my life. I have never felt so confident, alive and aligned with my true values. I am now able to see myself for who I really am and, for the first time since child, I have been able to return to the innocence of my body and sexuality. I am no longer trapped in my fears, shame and guilt and am a much better person, father,  and lover because of it. I am so grateful to you and for everything that you do.“

“I have never learned how to be intentional about ME.  I have always been a doer for others.  Then I met Moana!  I can in all honestly say I’m happy I decided to place my body, spirit and desire in Moana hands. Her intuitive guidance, sacred touch, divine caressing, beautiful mind and amazing smile are the perfect combination. They have changed my life and are continuing to change my life.  All I can say is thank you Moana and more please.“

“Made my appointment a few years ago and went along not really knowing what to expect or with any preconceptions. I would say I was quite cynical person who would not be open to trying new things, so a tough sell! After the first appointment I was intrigued and hooked. After the third appointment my mind was blown and my eyes and senses opened to a new level of pleasure. If you open your mind to this you will be hooked! Beware!“

“The work that Moana offers is incredible. I was able to dive into such a deep space and really get in touch with my body once again. After years of being disconnected and with terribly low self-esteem. Time spent within this beautifully held and sacred space meant I was able to really see myself again. I would highly recommend working with Moana. She is a real star“

“A visit here takes you to another world, you feel inner peace as you float away under magical hands. Always my first choice when I need to feel human again.“

“Moana caring loving aura is hard to describe. I felt immediately comfortable and at ease with her. She led the session with care and expertise. I can only describe the massage as a very spiritual experience where I felt very in touch with every part of my body and loved beyond what I thought was possible. The whole experience was the most relaxed I can remember being-and five days later the world still looks better.“