Online Sessions

Isn’t it exciting how today you can learn Tantra and Sacred Sexuality from the comfort of your home? If we can’t go outside let’s go inside! It’s time to close the doors to the Old Earth and open the doors towards the New Earth.

“Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you” Osho

Online Coaching Session for Women and Men

Heal your body with Nature and Transform your Soul with Tantra.

My name is Moana, and I’m here to help you remember how unique you are and reconnect the power, creativity and abundance of your true nature.

I’m here to support you on the path of self discovery, guiding you past conditioning towards freedom and authentic self expression.

Our coaching sessions are focused on your sexual awakening and living authentically. You will begin the process of learning Tantric techniques, rituals and practices.

Session topics will include:

  • Guided Tantric Meditation and Ecstatic Breathing at the beginning of the session
  • Explanation of what Tantra is and how we reprogram your brain
  • Learning how to experience everything with an Open Heart
  • Self-Mastery (Right and Left Brain)
  • Tantric Touch for Solo Love and Lover
  • Creating and Holding Sacred Space for yourself and your Lover
  • Tantric Massage Techniques
  • Journey through 7 Chakras System and learning how to circulate your inner energy
  • Somatic exercises to help your stagnation to move
  • Explaining the power of Intent
  • Identifying past belief systems and sexual blocks
  • Using Sexual Energy (Creative Energy) in other areas of your life
  • Loving your body, a representation of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculinity. Learning how to feel Divine power radiating from your every cell
  • From Fear to Love, learn how to be playful with your fears
  • Realising Shame and Guilt
  • Sexual practices for Healing
  • Understanding your personal sexual needs, wants and desires
  • Overcoming sexual fantasys and performance issues
  • Learning how to be present with your lover during sex
  • Distance Energy Healing
  • And many many more topics….
  • Session is finished with Shamanic Drum Healing Session


  • Release of stress, trauma
  • Emotional balance, a sense of calm
  • High love vibrations in the body


Please send us an email to arrange your online session to

Cost £50/60min Skype

In the email please tell us

  • Your Name
  • Your Skype name
  • Your Age
  • Your Gender
  • Areas of Interest ( sexual blocks and challenges, relationships issue, journey through Chakras, if other please specify)
  • Date/time that suits you best

After finalising the booking you will be sent bank details to make the payment for the session. Payment to be made a minimum of 24hrs before scheduled session.

You will be expected to be fully committed to your practices. This is essential if you wish to move forward with future sessions.

Although sexual subjects may be covered, this is a coaching session and guidance will be through verbal instruction and mediations/practises. Any sexual behaviour will be not tolerated during the call, this will result in termination of the session.

I look forward to our online revolution!

With Love, Moana