I have a limited number of spaces available each week, so


(last minute request are being ignored )

A deposit of £100 is necessary

for all bookings to exclude time wasters,

the remaining balance will be paid in cash during the appointment.

The most important part of changing human behaviour,

is an individual’s own motivation.

I’m not here to beg you to change

I’m here to help you with ongoing change.

A victim’s mindset, neediness and low vibrations

are banned from One Heart Temple.

Please practice Reiki if you don’t understand Tantra.


A perfect initiation to your Tantric experience on a physical, spiritual and energetic level. The session begins with Sacred Plant Medicine – I will introduce you to Rapéh & Sananga to open up your energetical channels. After this we will start the Tantric ceremony… Feather-light touch, combined with deep breaths and having the right intentions is a great way to open and balance your Chakra channels. After this session your body will feel much lighter and more peaceful. The massage is performed on a mat with warm oils, meditation and elements of Tantric Yoga.

2.5hrs – £300


Tantric Liberation is a coaching programme designed to help you with your Tantric Transformation. Each Programme is designed individually so please get in touch to discuss further details. I prefer to work in an ongoing way, so that we can get to know each other and I can support you better. This way we build a therapeutic relationship based on mutual trust – the foundation for any change – and then there will be a step by step journey to reaching your desired outcome.

Includes 4-6 sessions with Tantric Massage and Coaching

Price may vary

Preparation & Arrival

Please try to arrive 5-10min early for your appointment for a smooth stress free start. Please contact me if you are running late. I will try to provide the full session duration if you are late, however this may not always be possible.

Prior to the session please make sure to have a shower. It cleans and purifies our body before we move on to our Tantric session.

Free parking is also available.

It’s a good idea to avoid coffee and other caffeinated

products for 24-48 hours before your session,

so your system is not over-stimulated.

Please do not consume alcohol or other drugs before your session.

Skin problems & Mental health issues

Please report any skin problems or mental heath issues you may suffer from to me before making an appointment. Our session will be stopped immediately if any of these problems occur.

This is not a sexual service.