I have a limited number of spaces available each week, so please book your appointment in advance.

Single sessions are no available.

The most important part of changing human behaviour is an individual’s own motivation.

Tantric Introduction

3 x 90min massage sessions

3 x 30min coaching

Only £777

Tantric Liberation

5 x 90min massage sessions

5 x 30min coaching

Only £1111

A perfect initiation to your Tantric experience on a physical, spiritual and energetic level.
Featherlight touch combined with deep breaths and the right intentions is a great way to open and balance your Chakra channels. After this session your body will feel much lighter and peaceful. The massage is performed on a professional massage table with warm oils.

This session is only for experienced Tantric lovers and is not available for beginners. I prefer to work in an ongoing way so that we can get to know each other and I can support you better. This way we build a therapeutic relationship based on mutual trust – the foundation for any change – and there is a step by step journey to reach your desired outcome. This session is performed on a floor mat with hot oils, meditation and elements of Tantric Yoga.


This is not a sexual service.